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Monday, December 22, 2008

Back Home from Egypt


I am back home from Egypt now and have quite a bit to report.

First, our Inspirational Journey to Egypt went very well. We have 50 new initiates whose lives have been deeply touched by their experiences in this ancient land. For me, each day brought a new insight or transformation.

I can't share many details about our experiences there, because the trip was an initiatic journey, however I can say that this group was especially harmonious and strong and helped each other through the challenges that we faced.

Soror Karen Wark, who manages these journeys, and I have decided to offer the Inspirational Journey to Egypt once a year. We have a trip planned in a few weeks and then our next one will be in May 2010. We'll announce details of that trip in early February 2009.

This weekend we had quite a few activities at Rosicrucian Park. First, there was our annual TMO Ieschouah Ceremony, which is always such a beautiful and inspiring ritual. I serve as the Grand Master of the Traditional Martinist Order as well as the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC and am honored to have the privilege of presiding at this annual ceremony.

We also celebrated the Winter Solstice with our annual Festival of Light in the Grand Temple. This is such a beautiful reminder of the light that we carry within and can share with our contacts with others. I always like the Winter Solstice because now the days will start getting longer again.

On Sunday we held an Appellation Ceremony. This is our ceremony to celebrate the life of a new baby that has come into the world. This is probably my favorite of all of our ceremonies and each time it is different depending on the baby (and his or her mood).

This time our little friend was Pablo, a sweet and happy baby who seemed to enjoy the ceremony as much as all the rest of us did. When I spoke to him he scooted himself around in his mother's arms to look at me, although he is only 4 months old. His parents, Renee and Pablo, were married in the Grand Temple a few years ago. I am not surprised at all by little Pablo's sweet temperment because his parents are the same - always so sweet and pleasant. The ceremony reminds us that before we are incarnated we choose our parents. Little Pablo did a good job in this area. We are also reminded of the responsibility parents have for their little ones. Renee and Pablo seem quite prepared for the responsibilites they have assumed.

That's all for now.

With warm regards,

Julie Scott

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