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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Annual Board of Directors Meeting of the Supreme Grand Lodge of AMORC


Last week I participated in the annual Board of Directors meeting of the Supreme Grand Lodge of AMORC. All of the Grand Masters (there are 13 of us) serve as directors on this Board, along with the Imperator, the Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary who make up the Executive Committee. At these annual meetings, we discuss doctrinal and administrative issues related to the Good of the Order and its future.

We also enjoy each other's company. The meeting is held at the beautiful Rosicrucian Domain in LaChute, Quebec, Canada. LaChute is a tiny town about an hour from Montreal. The Domain is an exquisite retreat center out in the country, in the most inspiring surroundings.

Each day we begin our meeting with an experiment or exercise presented by one of the Grand Masters in the Rosicrucian temple at the Domain. We also participate in the Council of Solace each day at noon.

This year we sent a special meditation to little Sesat Sofia, a child born to a frater and soror in Toronto. Sofia's father let me know that she was going to be born on October 8 and asked me to keep them all in my thoughts. Since I was going to be with the Imperator and all the Grand Masters I told our frater that I would ask them all to keep his family in our thoughts and we did with a special meditation for this wonderful little soul who has entered the world.

Some of the highlights of this year's meeting include the election of three new Grand Masters - Frater Helio de Moraes e Marques of Brazil, Frater Claudio Mazzucco of Italy, and Frater Paul Panikian of Australia.

Last year we voted that Frater Moraes e Marques would become Grand Master in September upon the retirement of Charles Vega Parucker as Grand Master of the Portuguese language jurisdiction. During a convention in Brazil in September, the Imperator installed Frater Marques as Grand Master and the members of the Portuguese language jurisdiction paid tribute to Frater Parucker who has served the Order for decades in so many ways. Our vote this year just confirmed Grand Master Marques's election. Frater Parucker is continuing in his position as Vice President of the Supreme Grand Lodge.

Grand Master Peter Bindon of the English Grand Lodge for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, also retired this year. Grand Master Bindon has been an extraordinary friend of Rosicrucian Park and of me, especially when I was a new Grand Master. As you may know, he designed the Rosicrucian Peace Garden at Rosicrucian Park and has been a frequent advisor for the grounds at Rosicrucian Park, including the recent Native Plants contest. He also serves on the Editorial Board of the Rose+Croix Journal. Frater Bindon will continue to work on some special projects for the English Grand Lodge for the Americas including the creation of an Alchemy Museum at Rosicrucian Park and teaching Online RCUI classes in the future. I will share more on that after Frater Bindon has had a chance to enjoy his retirement for a little while.

The new Grand Master for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia is Frater Paul Panikian, who has been a member of the Order for more than 40 years and lives in Sydney, Australia. Our Grand Lodges have always had a close relationship and I look forward to working with Grand Master Panikian.

Grand Master Jean-Philippe Deterville is also retiring. He has served as the Grand Master for the Italian Grand Lodge for 17 years, commuting from the Chateau d'Omonville in France. The new Grand Master, Frater Claudio Mazzucco, lives in Vicenza, Italy. Frater Mazzucco will be installed as Grand Master at the European Convention in Barcelona, Spain in May. I will certainly miss having Frater Deterville at our annual meetings as he always brings a smile wherever he goes.

I feel very honored to know all the Grand Masters who so lovingly serve our Order.

The Imperator will be sharing other news from our meeting in his annual letter to members.

With warm regards,

Julie Scott

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