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Peace Garden Dedication

On June 30, 2004 Imperator Christian Bernard officially dedicated the Rosicrucian Peace Garden.

Dear Fratres and Sorores,

When I heard about the American English Grand Lodge project to create this Peace garden, the very first picture that came to my mind was that of the Little Prince.

Many of you certainly know about this initiatory novel written by Saint Exupery, and remember the moment when the child comes to Earth in a rose garden.

This garden in Rosicrucian Park would be worthy of welcoming him. It is my wish that this place dedicated to Peace, reflection, meditation and prayer, always arouses pure feelings as those driving the Little Prince’s heart and soul, in every one of you and in the heart of all Rosicrucians in this world.

There is no doubt that our illustrious and anonymous predecessors, brothers and sisters of the Rose-Croix, from the plane where they now dwell, are very proud of this achievement. I am thinking more particularly about the Lewis family and the numerous fratres and sorores who have worked one following another in Rosicrucian Park since the beginning of its creation. They are here today, and they will go with us during the whole Convention.

As the Imperator, I will encourage every member of AMORC in the world to come and meditate here one day. Unfortunately, I know that they will not all be able to come. I will therefore encourage them to carry out this mystical work through visualization by projecting psychically into this wonderful garden.

From now on, it will shine forth like a sun into our hearts, and onto the whole Earth through our minds, thoughts and mystical work.

May it be so, today and forever!

Now, Fratres and Sorores, let us meditate a few moments and send thoughts of peace, love and harmony to all our fratres and Sorores, our families, our friends, and to all those who suffer and need help.

May Peace Profound be within them and around them!

So Mote It Be!


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