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Help with accessing your online monographs

Please try this alternative site to access the Monographs. We have made some improvements that are hopefully easier to access the Monographs;

Please contact Membership Services if you are still experiencing problems accessing your monographs.

Council of Solace
To have your name listed with the Council, please submit your petition online.

Affiliated Bodies
To find a Lodge, Chapter, Pronaos or Atrium Group, check the Directory of Rosicrucian Local Groups. If you have lost your initiation record card, please contact the Lodge at which you received the initiation. The Grand Lodge does not maintain records of initiations that have been conferred at local Lodges.

Traditional Martinist Order
For information about Martinist initiation records or to ask a question about your TMO dues or lessons, please contact the TMO office using the link below.
Contact the Grand Lodge by e-mail

Programs, Conventions, Regional Events and RCUI
For information about Programs, Conventions, Regional Event and Rose Croix University International classes, please see our activities pages, or contact our programs department using the link above.

Initiations at the Grand Temple
Members who live near or are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area may wish to participate in initiations at the Grand Temple. Please check the schedule of initiations at If you would like to take part in these initiations, please contact our Programs Department with this request.

Rosicrucian Webstore (formerly Alexandria Books and Gifts)
Orders for Rosicrucian books and supplies may be placed through our online store.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
For information about special events at the Museum please visit

For questions about our web site, please contact our Webmaster using the link below.
Contact the Grand Lodge by e-mail

If you are not yet a Rosicrucian member and would like more information, you may:

Rosicrucian Members: In all communications to Grand Lodge, be sure to include your membership Key Number and Lesson Cycle Number with your complete name. Please do not attach files to e-mail messages.

Rosicrucian Order, AMORC
1342 Naglee Ave.
San Jose, CA 95191, USA
Fax: 408-947-3677
Contact the Grand Lodge by e-mail


Rosicrucian Park Hours
(all times Pacific)

The Rosicrucian Order Peace Garden and Rosicrucian Park Grounds
8 am - Sunset

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum Hours

The Rosicrucian Order Research Library is open on the Saturday and Sunday of the Monthly Mystical Weekends at Rosicrucian Park:

Mystical Weekend Saturdays 10am - 4pm

Mystical Weekend
Sundays 10am - 2:30pm

Outside of the Mystical Weekends, access to the Library is by appointment only.

Please email for more information.

Council of Solace
11:55 am in the Grand Temple

Rosicrucian Activities

For further information on Grand Temple Activities, please click here.

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