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Mastery of LifeMastery of Life

Who am I? 

What is self? 

What is my purpose? 

What can I accomplish in life? 

How do I chart my own course in life? 

Is there more to this wonderful universe than I see around me? 

These are the great questions the reflective and insightful have sought to answer.

What you wish to accomplish, what challenges you face or difficulties you want to conquer is, of course, only for you to judge. 

And yet what you are seeking can be explained simply and generally as greater personal power, a more focused attunement with life, and heightened spiritual awareness.

Rosicrucians call this Mastery of Life; and It embraces all aspects of who you are and all you can be - physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. 

It is the greatest journey a human being can take. 

Perhaps it is the only one he or she must take.

Can The Rosicrucian Order help you on that Quest?

Can being a Rosicrucian student give you Mastery of Life?


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“No one is free whose mind is not like a door with a double-acting hinge swinging outward to release their own ideas and inward to receive the worthy thoughts of others.”
- Validivar